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Warilla-Barrack Point S.L.S.C. has a few foamy nipper boards that can be hired by families for the duration of the season. Unfortunately, we do not have any fibreglass shortboards or longboards available for hire. The hire fee for the season is $100, this amount will be held by the club until the end of the season. If the board is returned in “good order” then $50 will be returned to the hirer.

Please see some terms and conditions for board hire below;

  1. The craft remains the property of the club at all times, unless specifically stated.

  2. I remain responsible for the repair of any damage to the board during the period of the agreement.

  3. All repairs to boards under the Board Hire Agreement are to be completed by a qualified repairer agreed to by the club.

  4. No modifications are to be made to the craft.

  5. If membership of the club lapses for any reason, the craft must be returned immediately and the agreement is considered terminated.

  6. The craft may not be loaned or hired to any other person at any time without the club’s written consent.

  7. The club Board Hire Agreement will be administered by the Junior Gear Steward and all enquires and requests should be in writing to their attention. Disputes will be resolved by the club’s Junior Activities Committee

  8. The agreed hire fee and deposit are to be paid and the Board Hire Agreement signed prior to any agreement being deemed active and any board being used.

  9. All boards that are hired from the club should be kept in the board bag provided when being transported and stored at home.

  10. The craft is not to be transported out of the state without the club’s written consent. If transport is agreed to, the craft is to be suitably wrapped for protection and insured by the hirer, prior to transport.

  11. If the board is damaged beyond repair, stolen or lost then full replacement cost of the craft must be paid.

  12. The return hire fee ($50) will be returned to the hirer at the end of the season via bank transfer only.

If you have any questions, please have a chat to Leea Harvey (0403 320 456) who will be able to assist you, or alternatively contact the club.

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