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Latte Art

The “Friday Morning Club” was formed to help the club out with general garden maintenance, painting of toilets, cleaning of the building BBQ’s at carnivals, this group has become more formalised with the position of Volunteer Services Coordinator being introduced in 2016. The position currently held by Denis Boyle.

In addition the group has evolved into a social network that provides an opportunity for members who have time on their hands to meet, help the club out by undertaking activities and a general catch up to have a yarn/coffee.

Members and the public have commented on how good the club is looking from the front and surrounds, it is a positive showcase for our club.

There are no restrictions or special requirements to be part of the group; anyone who has a bit of spare time is welcome to come along, do something for our club and enjoy the social interaction. You just need to be a member of the club.

Many Surf Life Saving Clubs have very strong “Old Members Clubs” and the establishment of the Warilla Barrack-Point SLSC “Friday Morning Club” has a place within the surf club.

The general objectives of the Friday Club basically cover:

  1. Enjoyment and involvement with Warilla-Barrack Point Surf Club.

  2. Doing jobs around and in the club house to enhance the overall appearance.

  3. Helping out at carnivals when hosted by our club (BBQ, tent, set up, canteen).

  4. Keeping in touch with surf club friends (social interaction).

  5. Support for all sections of the club.

  6. Assist with fundraising.

  7. Above all – HAVE A GOOD TIME!

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